Recipe: Appetizing Traditional Tuna Nigiri Sushi

Traditional Tuna Nigiri Sushi.

Traditional Tuna Nigiri Sushi You can have Traditional Tuna Nigiri Sushi using 3 ingredients and 16 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Traditional Tuna Nigiri Sushi

  1. It’s 150 of g, Sushi rice.
  2. It’s 150 of g, Tuna block.
  3. Prepare of small portion, Wasabi (no neede if you prefer mild taste).

Traditional Tuna Nigiri Sushi instructions

  1. Use the following numbers as the searching keyword to get the information about sushi rice. 5095927, 5106970..
  2. Prepare a sushi kit for nigiri sushi. Amazon US carries. Use the following keyword to reach “Japan Nigiri Sushi Mold Rice Ball 5 Rolls Maker Press Bento Tool (Style 2)”. If you are in Japan The Daiso carries. Wash carefully and leave wet as the preparation..
  3. Put all 150g sushi rice into the container and press with the lid. Remove the lid and turn over the container on the cutting board. Then cut in half like the picture to get small 10 pieces rice balls..
  4. Slice the tuna block to get 10 thin pieces. Japanese chef uses a 10 inches or longer knife and take only a strole to get a piece. The knife is held in slant to get one inch width. This tecnique is common while the block doesn't have enough thickness. Refer to the picture for 3 sceans strobo action..
  5. Pinch a pc of sliced tuna..
  6. Put a small portion of wasabi..
  7. Place a rice ball..
  8. Insert your thum into the rice ball. This action is numbered 1..
  9. Press gently with your 2 fingers of your right hand. This action is numbered 2. Be aware that your fingers of both hands are forming a box. Specially the top part of your left hand's fingers take an important role. They are working as the side wall..
  10. Open your left hand slowly while keeping the box formation which are made by the top part of your left hand's fingers and the two fingers of your right hand..
  11. As you see on the previous picture, the rice ball has rolled for 90 degree. Please help the rice ball rolls another 90 degree using your thumb and the middle finger of your right hand and slide the entire piece near a little like the picture. This rice ball rolling action is numbered 3..
  12. Press gently with your 2 fingers of your right hand. This action is numbered as 4..
  13. Rotate the entire piece for a half revolution like the picture. This action is numbered 5..
  14. While holding the rice ball using the thumb and the middle finger of your right hand, stroke the tuna surface using your thumb of your left hand. This action is numbered 6..
  15. Finally press gently again using your two fingers of your right hand. This last action is numbered 7..
  16. Here you are..

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